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Central Point Testing & Technology Co., Ltd. (CPC, SLG-CPC)



We provide Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI) service.

It is carried out when a minimum of 80% of the goods ordered are export packed and 100% of the goods are finished.
Samples are selected at random, according to specified sampling plans and procedures. The inspection ensures that the production is in accordance with the specifications, purchase orders or letters of credit.

Main check point for PSI:

  • Evaluate the product if matches with product specifications, packaging, packing and marking.

  • Evaluate product for safety, design, function, appearance, and performance.

  • Assess packaging form.

  • Verify material/units if match related standards of import country.


The scope of products which we can offer service including:

   - Luminaire,

   - Household Appliances,

   - Machinery,

   - Power Tools,

   - Air Tools,

   - Hand Tools,

   - IT/AV,

   - Plug & Cable,

   - Transformers, Ballast,

   - components of E&E, IC controller