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Central Point Testing & Technology Co., Ltd. (CPC, SLG-CPC)



We provide Identical Check service.

According to previous test reports/related files (shipping mark, barcode, instruction manual, gifts box, signed-samples etc), we will check the component, some critical factors for product identical checking;

Main check point for Identical Checking:

  • if the used components are same as signed-samples/reports listed or not;

  • perform some testing such as power measured etc. for checking with reports recorded;

  • checking enclosure, material etc if same as signed samples;


The scope of products which we can offer service including:

   - Luminaire,

   - Household Appliances,

   - Machinery,

   - Power Tools,

   - Air Tools,

   - Hand Tools,

   - IT/AV,

   - Plug & Cable,

   - Transformers, Ballast,

   - components of E&E, IC controller