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Central Point Testing & Technology Co., Ltd. (CPC, SLG-CPC)


Australia Electrical Product Safety Certification Scheme


Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM)


The RCM is a symbol signifying that a supplier has taken the necessary steps to have the product comply with the electrical safety and/or electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) legislative requirements. It’s intended as an easy way for consumers to identify products which have met certain electrical standards.


The electrical safety requirements are set out in various Acts and Regulations of each Australian State and Territories and New Zealand and administered by the various electrical safety regulators.  EMC is a Federal requirement administered by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) and the New Zealand Ministry of Economic Development. Whilst EMC is mandatory in all states, note that only some States in Australia, the use of the RCM mark has become mandatory for electrical compliance.


The RCM is a common mark that is accepted by the ACMA and all of the electrical safety regulators to simplify marking requirements and provide an easily recognized as a conformity mark.


The electrical safety requirements for using the mark are set out in the Australian Standard AS/NZS 4417. Use of the mark is allowed as proof of compliance based on a Certificate of Approval, provided all other conditions of the mark as spelt out in AS/NZS 4417 are followed. This includes registration of each importer, known as the Responsible Supplier on the database, as well as registration of any level 3 class products, as set out in AS/NZS 4417.2.


CPC focus on Australia E&E product approval for many years, and we are the experienced testing lab which was recognized by all of Australian Approval Bodies.

We can provide testing service according to Australian Standards; or testing service plus certification with efficient work performance.