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Critical Update Information of new fan standard IEC 60335-2-80:2015 (ed3.0)


Date: 2015-11-08



IEC 6335-2-80_2015 ed3.0 New Requirement as below: The principal changes in this edition as compared with the second edition of IEC 60335-2-80 are as follows (minor changes are not listed):

– Added definition for ceiling fan suspension system (3.102);

– Added instructions for ceiling fan maintenance (7.12);

– Added instructions for ceiling fan installation (7.12.1);

– Added entrapment assessment criteria for table and pedestal fan with a fan head that oscillates in the up-down direction (20.102);

– Added requirements for insulation of pre-installed internal wiring used to supply attached luminaires (22.101);

– Added suspension system failure protection requirements for ceiling fans (22.102);

– Added motor brush wear requirements (27.3).


IEC 60335-2-80 2015年第三版 新要求重大变更如下(轻微变化未列):

1. 增加风扇安全悬挂系统的定义 (章节3.102);

2. 对于说明书上关于风扇的维修保养有新的条款(章节7.12 / 7.12.1);

3. 增加桌立扇摇头(包括上下摆头)装置的机械伤害防护要求;引入孩童测试手指(章节20.102);

4. 增加有(可以)连接灯具的用于连接到灯具的内部配线的要求(章节22.101);

5. 增加悬持系统失效的保护要求(非常重要);标准给出了5种典型的悬挂系统的设计及其安全要求(章节22.101);

6. 增加马达(接地)碳刷磨损的要求(章节27.3)



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